About Us

Here at Bookable VA, we understand the advantage that having a Virtual Assistant working in your business can bring. Our businesses simply wouldn’t be as successful without their input and dedication. We also understand however that hiring your own VA is a massive undertaking which can seem daunting and can most definitely be time consuming. So, we’ve brought you the best of both worlds!

We’ve spent over 20 years in the corporate world hiring, training, coaching and unfortunately firing, VAs and PAs so we know ALL the tricks of the trade to make this process as seamless as possible. Bookable VA was born to bring this massive big business advantage to the little business guy by offering you the opportunity to share a fully trained and tested VA, or to acquire one of our fabulous team as your own VA and save you all the hassle of interviewing, testing, trials, training, feedback and firing.

Get yourself in THE FAST LANE TO SUCCESS and TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Power of a VA.