Are there any hidden charges?
Every plan except the Platinum Plan has all charges included and you will be charged NOTHING other than the advertised monthly or one off cost.  The Platinum option is a one off fee for us to hire, train and test a VA for you to take on personally.  You are then responsible for their salary and any ongoing costs.
What if I’m not happy with the deals my VA finds?
All our VAs are constantly monitored and if for any reason you aren’t happy then within your deal sheet there is the opportunity to report any bad deals.  There will always be days when the deals are more scarce than others but we will ensure that you always get great value for money over the course of a month.
How much notice do you need for me to quit a monthly subscription plan?
We hope you never want to quit because you’ll be getting great deals that grow your business but if for any reason you do, please just send us an email letting us know – job done.  No notice is required, we are very easy going.
Do I have to supply software for the Monthly OA Plan?
Of course not – we supply that too!
What happens when a VA is sick?
That is the beauty of a service like ours – you’ll still get your deals as we have an army of VAs and we will have one stand in for one of the regular VAs on your sheet.
Can I pay by either credit card or PayPal?
Of course!
How do I know you won’t steal my deals?
Our business will live or die based on our confidentiality and our service so you can be sure you can trust us!
Do you pay your VAs fairly and treat them well?
Our VAs are paid a base salary and then they are paid bonuses on top for performance.  Many of our VAs earn an extremely high salary – the harder they work and the more they look after our clients, the more they earn and everyone wins.  We treat everyone, clients, VAs, humans and animals in the same way as we like to be treated, with respect.
Do you have an affiliate programme?
Absolutely we do.  Please sign up here and welcome to our team.
Why can’t I deal with the VAs directly?
Despite most people respecting the VAs enough to not take them away from a secure and long term job for their own short or medium term gratification, there are some selfish people in the world and they’d poach our fabulous VAs with no thought to the work, effort and expense we have put in to find and train them. But don’t worry, you get to benefit from all that work, effort and expense so you still win in the end.
I’m not in the UK, can I still use your service?
Yes you can!
What if I’m not ungated?
There will be enough deals in ungated categories to ensure you get value for money from our monthly plans.  However, we will also be including deals in the popular categories of Toys & Games, Ointments and Grocery too.  If you’d like to get ungated, we are offering a discount to BookableVA clients on the services of our sister company, – just get in touch!
Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes of course!  Please check our Terms of Service for the detail and you may contact our GDPR compliance officer Karen on the following email address: